Questions to Ask Your Removalist Before the Removals Date

If you plan to move your home, you have probably hired a furniture removalist to transport your items. The excerpt below proposes a few questions that you should ask your removalist before the removal date. Hopefully, they will ensure a stress-free removal process.  1. Do You Offer Removal Insurance?  Although removalists are cautious when moving your items, accidents can happen due to unforeseen events. If this happens, you would sue the removalist to compel them to pay for the damages. [Read More]

Two Factors To Consider When Booking A Timeslot With A Removals Company

If the removals business you'd like to hire has a number of timeslots available on the day you're moving, here are the things you should consider. How many large appliances and furniture items you own Before choosing a slot, you'll need to factor in the number of large appliances and furniture items you'll need the removals team to move. If, for example, you're moving into an apartment building or a street-side house in a busy urban area, it would be best to go for an early morning or late evening slot, when these areas won't have too many people around. [Read More]

4 Removalist's Tips on How to Organise and Carry Out a Stress-Free Move

The positive side of moving is that you get to leave everything unpleasant about your old life behind, and start afresh. However, you have to be well-prepared to ensure that the move does not create more stress than you already have.  Preparation starts by choosing a moving company to entrust with your valuables. To make a choice, ask for recommendations, check customer reviews and look at the company's track record. Additionally, follow these four guidelines for an excellent moving experience. [Read More]

How To Choose A Storage Unit

Are you looking for extra storage space? The right storage unit is an instant solution to your home or business needs. Read these tips on how to choose a storage unit.  Consider Local Companies Choosing a company is probably the most vital consideration when choosing the unit. Consider the following:  What is the location of the unit? Ideally, it should be conveniently located. It should have a well-maintained access route to ease accessibility. [Read More]